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The Books of the Wanderers
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Monday, May 14th, 2007
7:45 pm
Yo, people!
I'd really like to see this game resume.  I've heard rumor of Kensan pondering running a new game, so I'm casting my vote for this game being resumed.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
6:08 pm
Rethinking Posting...
Part of me feels really REALLY bad for neglecting this game for so long.

Part of me would like to try to persue this in a forum like Gametalk, or a RPG chat thing, as it would make me a little more repsoncive, I feel. I don't think I have the focus for running through post, as it takes a long time, in my point of view.

Would people object to changing the format and restarting the game?
Monday, November 21st, 2005
6:20 am
GM: notes
Sorry for a lack of update. I've really been planning one, but if you have been checking my LJ, you know that the Drama at home right now is so intense that I really only have one way to react to it, and that is to turtle down, and concentrate on something mindless long enough for things to change again. Last night, it was so bad that almost everyone left the room. It was crazy...

So, I'll try to get a map and the things rolling again, I really will. I just might need a little more time. Sorry for the delay.
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
7:35 pm
The Scroll Room - The Forbidden Books
Paraclesis nods it's head a little more then normal. "A while back, we had to close off a section of the Lybrium. The books lead to places not recommended for the casual traveller. Islands that act as prisions, wartorn worlds, places where the end of the world has happened, dangerous beasts, and what not. The books on those worlds were hidden, and then the section here closed. The Master of the Lybrium said that someday, people would come who would know what to do about that section."

It raises it's hands in appology, some dust falling out of it's shaggy coat. "But forgive me, I am just intensly curious about things. Please, tell me where you have come from. I might be able to help you return home, if that is what you desire."
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
7:29 am
Scroll Room - The Chase ends, the Owl Introduced
The room smells of old parchment and sandlewood, as the owl turns it's head to follow the little glowling one. "Stay, Glimmer. YOu are being rude to our guests!". He then turns it's head to look at you all. (Megan ID Roll, yes, an Owl Archon. Diplomacy Check Modifier: Netural to Good) It kneels to get it's head lower then Megan's hovering one (In which Glimmer sinks down below Paraclesis), "My appologies. Glimmer is new... and rather excitable. Trust me, I am sure there has been no wrong doing here." As the others catch up, Paraclesis gestures to a table with a pair of padded benches and a space, where food and drink miraculously appear. "Please, guests, sit down. I'll be happy to help you out."

(I'm going to assume the following questions. Who are you, where are we, how did we get here. THey will be answered as follows... assuming of course, people seem willing to sit down and listen, which you all seem to.)

"My name... is Paraclesis. I am the caretaker and historian of the Lybrium, which is where you find yourself now. I have taken care of it for ... well, it's been a long time. Several owners have come and gone. The last owner left some time ago. However, let us not dwell on unpleasentness. I am sure he is just a little... lost.

"THe Lybrium is a library of sorts. It's also a port of call, of sorts. While the island and the village outside... (clears throat towards Glimmer) are open to all... We have not had visitors in some time. Certantly not as interesting ones as you are.

"The books. Yes.. They're a creation of a race that decided they didn't like this place and moved on. However, one woman, nammed Jullia, had stayed behind She created the Lybrium. In this place, you will find ... well, they're portals that lead to places that she has imagined, I suppose is the right word, although for sure you are not imagined. It's like she had the abilty to see someplace, and then make a passage to it, not knowing how it got there... Well, they understand it, but the magic really is beyond my keen.

"In anycase, all one has to do, is look at a book, find one that has it's pitcures moving, and touch the pitcure. Then they go to where the pitcure it. It's not unlike flying through a window, I hear.

"However, ... You might be here for the forbidden section."
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
9:50 pm
The Librium - The Chase is on!
Here is a brief discription of where you are, and the impressions most of you get as you chase the small Latern Archon through the building.

You find yourself in a place with teak floors and door, with the occasionaly throw rug. The corridor right outside of the room opens up to the sides. Each of these side passages leads into studies, with many books stacked on shelves, streching up past line of site. The hallway is lit by glowing orbs held in stanches. The corridoor opens up into an arberitum, that has a variety of green and brown plants. The Archon barrels left, and into a room full of scrolls and tablets. In the center of the room is a tall creature with taloned hands, many layered robes, and a head of an owl. It currently is studying a scroll, when the Latern Archon cries. "Paraclesis, save me!"

(At this point, I would like to have iniatives. I'd like a group concensis on how we are going to handle die rolling. I was thinking of trating combat like they do on the WOTC boards, but this isn't really a combat. I would like a chance for the people chasing to have a chance to respond before whatever happens happens, and I would like to know how we would like to handle things like saves and sr checks before too much further. THank you)
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
11:35 am
Appologies to people:
Sorry. Life has been really active for me during this week due to a lot of projects at work. So, while my mind is somewhat together.

1) The Detect Evil finds no intent or presence in the immediate or surrounding areas.

2) The book you see on the pedestal is made of worn animal hide. It has a title in gold leaf that simply says "Spyres" on it. Poking at it, it does not seem to react. The curious of you might even open the book to find out that the book has been damaged, and many pages seem to have been riped out of the middle. There seems to be a illustration that has been inked out entirly on the second page. There is some language, but it is not in a language you have seen before. (It looks a little like a jagged sandscript)

I'll try to catch up on the rest of the info this evening. Thank you for your pacients.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
7:05 am
And... it begins again....
The voice that was not so distinct in the background gets more distinctive as you sense it getting closer. It also seems to be in your head. "... nice to have him back after all this time. We have so much left to do! I mean... oh, I don't know what I mean. Hello, Arcanus!"

The doors burst open, and a white light zooms into the room, all glowing white and whispy. Then it stops, rather abrubrutly. It seems to quiver with a nervousness, and then streaks out of the room. "AHHH! MONSTERS! We've been invaded! Help!!!"
Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:25 pm
Raise`'s Description!
Raise` looks to be a human male in his mid twenties. His height and build are unremarkable, though he has a surety of step that comes with any healthy young male. His copper-brown hair falls in ringlets almost to his shoulders. It is tucked back behind his ears, and kept off his brow by the band of his broad-brimmed hat. A red traveling hat, complete with a clipped peacock feather. It dances the line between foppish and practical depending on the observer. His eyes are a soft shade of blue, and it is a good thing too. Raise` has a habit of leveling an intent gaze upon somone he's talking to, and blinking only infrequently during such conversations. Some might consider this rude, others might consider it honest. His overall expression is normally a patient one. While he may be unsettled by things as much as any other, he rarely seems to show overmuch emotion in anything he does. His bodylanguage likewise supports this. A calm open demenor, very few errant motions and only the most commonly accepted of 'nervous motions' just enough to put others at ease that he is 'just like them.'
He wears well tailored clothes at all times. Jackets mostly of blue and green, never red, though sometimes a yellow or a very pale purple. All have enough embroidery to show coin without being 'busy' and fit him cripsly without being tight. The jackets also have a touch of lace upon them somewhere. Cuffs, neck, hem, it varies with the jacket. It is allways just a touch, less than an inch, but allways finely detailed. Under these jackets he wears shirts of fine linen, or if he's feeling like making an impression, silk. They are white to light cream in color, as is fitting. His pants are allways earthen tones to offset the color of his jackets. Browns, coppers and blacks, with the more elaborate being a mix of these in well blended shades of color. The pants flare out at the ankle, or they would but they are allmost allways tucked into a pair of sturdy travel boots. Whatever color his pants are, his boots are complementary, and also in earthy tones. Though occasionally, normally when in courts, he will wear wider topped soft leather boots, and at that point his pants are no longer tucked in.
2:07 pm
[OOC] Updated Megan information
I forgot that Coure have a LA of +5, and so I had to redo her character sheet. I edited the post with her text sheet, and the new URL of her full/real sheet is www.speakeasy.net/~gilead_r/genkitty/Coure_10.pdf -- When I redid the sheet, I did it the 'right' way, first HD giving her her quad skills.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
10:43 pm
Post One: The Library is opening:
Once, long ago, a shaman came to your village, and all the children were gathered. The shaman was old, and had lots of raggedly clothes on, and he was kind. He was sent forth to determine what each child would be in their life. He went up to one of the boys, put a necklace on him, and said he would be a brave warrior, which made him proud. He went up to a girl, put a necklace upon her, and told her she would be a great warrior, too, and keep the boys in line. She liked that. And he went and named the hunters, the crafters, the farmers, and all, until all were choosen. Except for you.

When he put on a necklace around your neck, he declared that you would be a great wanderer, and see many things that no one else has, and when the time was right, you would go to places no one else ever could. Soon afterwards, you started to be filled with wanderlust, and you went forth.

You went many places, and learned many things, and were quite successful. You've seen citys, and monsters, and dark places, but you never seemed to find the thing you were looking for. Then, while exploring an abandoned house, you found a book with moving pitcures. Looking at it closely, you ran your hand over the moving pitcure, and everything zoomed to stars... and then you were high in the clouds, zooming past mountains, and circling over this greecian village, and you flew straight into this building, and all was white...

Your vision clears and you find youself in a round marble room with teak covered floors. Light filters down from a yellow stained glass bubble that sends warm light into the room. Standing on the edges of the room are book stands, numbering 7 in total. A book lies open on one of them. A tall set of double doors is the only way out of the room.

You start to realize that you are not alone here. There are others, each of them looking around like you are. There is a ringing in the distance past the doors, and a indistinct voice seeming to shout off somewhere past it.

Welcome to the start of the adventure. Please describe your charecter, and their first reactions in this post. You may start a new action in a new post, or you may continue to respond to this post to continue lines of coversation. Please be careful or responding to a responce, as people may lose thread of timeline in that fashion. Here's to hoping we will have some fun!
2:24 am
Monday, October 17th, 2005
12:23 pm
Megan's Sheet
Layout obviously stolen from Wolfwings ^_^
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Sunday, October 16th, 2005
2:07 am
Hinamaru's sheet
Format blatantly stolen from Wolfwings. :D

full sheet here (XLS file)
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